What is Family Connection

Family Connection is the largest statewide network of communities in the United States. Each of the 159 counties in the state of Georgia are a part of the network and have made a commitment to improve results for families and children.

Jackson County Family Connection is a community based partnership of public and private leaders, agencies and organizations, businesses, local government, the faith community, families, and youth. The partnership provides as opportunity for organizations to work together to improve the lives of citizens in Jackson County through collaboration.

Jackson County Family Connection is not a service provider; rather, it is a formal process of collaboration, promoting results-focused planning and local decision making.

The collaborative has created a strategic annual operating plan to guide its efforts to improve conditions for Jackson County families. Embedded in this plan are goals to ensure that all children are healthy, start school ready to learn, succeed in school, and have strong, self sufficient families. The work of the collaborative is based on a framework of accountability which calls for reforms to be made in the way that we support families, the way decisions are made, and the way that we address financing and budgeting.

Jackson County Family Connection is a private 501(c)3 organization run by a volunteer board of directors that employ an Executive Director.


We envision a community that is positive, caring, clean, safe, and involved.  We anticipate a community in which productive residents have access to adequate housing, transportation, a meaningful education, and the help that is needed to become self sufficient.


Our purpose is to facilitate collaboration among community  members (families, public and private human service agencies, businesses, faith community, schools, civic organizations, and government) by assessing community resources and needs. Developing plans to build on strengths and addressing needs, working together to implement their plans and assessing the effectivess of that work.


All children and adults will succeed in education and all families of Jackson County will maintain or increase self sufficiency.


The partners of the collaborative believe that problems in our society do not exist in isolation.  Thus, these problems cannot be solved by agencies and organizations working in isolation.

We believe that collaboration strengthens each  partner’s work, whether that work occurs within an organization, a neighborhood, or an individual family.

We believe that decisions about a community’s  future must be made by that community.

We believe that families must be supported in a way that is respectful, accessible, and focused on that family’s strengths.

We believe that an environment of shared resources and shared accountability is necessary to improving results.

We believe in a better future for our community.